System Features

Retrofit Solution.

Installed units – five-star hotel.

The Demand Control Drive is a retrofit system and comes housed in a metal enclosure.

This means it can be easily installed without any operational changes to your existing system.

It will replace your current electro-mechanical control panel with solid state electronics, which will make it more reliable. 

The system also comes with a filtered ventilation system to maintain electronics clean and cool for long term operation.

There is also an alarm function in the event of serious motor fault and the system is fully protected with inbuilt circuit breakers.


The system is compatible with any existing Building Management Systems (BMS). It features ports that can be used to connect to your existing BMS system.

The system also allows remote monitoring.

It can also be programmed to function as a standalone device, similar to a BMS.

It is also customisable for specific customer requirements.

The system comes with an optional IoT module that allows you to monitor performance in real-time.

Low Maintenance & Reliability

The Demand Control Drive has been designed for easy maintenance, so there are no significant maintenance requirements.

The system is fully automated and no user input is required. This also means minimal maintenance requirements, which reduces the overall lifetime cost of the system.

There will be regular servicing provided to customers and a dedicated line available for any support that is required.

System performance can be easily checked using the on-board LCD display, so you can easily get information on environmental conditions and savings.

The digitally driven on-board Siemens AC Drives prevent high frequency fluctuations of frequencies.

The system also provides protection against voltage spikes and brownouts. It comes with a auto reset function in 15 seconds.

The system also comes with an automatic shutdown and reset, in the event of minor motor faults. This means that the system does not require a staff to re-start the system.

There is also complete motor voltage and load parameter protection, as well as built in line harmonic filters.

Other Benefits

  • Lower Maximum Demand.
    • The Green Planet DCD can also reduce your Maximum Demand, thanks to its slow start feature. This reduces mechanical stress and offers further savings.
  • Reduced system turbulence.
    • It also monitors and adjusts¬† air flow to reduce turbulence, which results in a huge noise reduction and better cooling of air, as it goes through the coils.
  • Lesser Noise and Radio Frequency Noise.
    • The improved motor function also reduces noise and radio frequency interference in the area.
    • The system also reduces turbulence, which improves the cooling process, resulting in more efficien